Go Varsity
Go Varsity

Capturing accurate statistics for the fast-moving game of lacrosse is a challenge for any high school or college team. LAXSoft has been designed to make it easy for you to capture all game actions while the game is in progress on a laptop computer or if you prefer you can capture the stats on pre-printed forms and later enter them into LAXSoft.  It captures every statistic required for NCAA XML reporting for Men’s or Women’s Lacrosse.

For most statistics, you click on the Player’s name and then the action button for the stat. A running total of all statistics and a Score Board are displayed.

LAXSoft Features!

  • The unique Shot Chart shows the position on the field and on goal for every Goal, Shot Saved, and Missed Shot for a Team or for an individual player.
  • Automatically determine if a goal is an Extra Man or a Man Down (short- handed) goal
  • Display a countdown clock for all penalties currently being served.
  • Multiple penalties are served sequentially and the release time is calculated correctly.
  • You can dynamically expand the size of the GameTime form to accommodate team rosters from 34 to 51 players
  • Automatically determine if a goal is an Extra Man or a Man Down (short-handed) goal.
  • Send live game data to a “Smart Scoreboard” to display last goal scored, total stats by player or team
  • Track Shot Out of Bounds – Retained and Shot Out of Bounds – Lost
  • Automatic “Quick Add” of opponents by Jersey when the opponent scores a goal, receives an assist or gets a penalty.
  • Display a list of players for either team who “Did Not Play
  • New Button to Add or Subtract 5 seconds to the game clock
  • Delete the latest entered statistic with the “Undo” button
  • Create XML exports that can be loaded on your team’s web-site for Schedule, Roster, and player statistics.
  • Send your Game Statistics to MaxPreps web-site (
  • Add your Team Logo to Reports
  • New Reports:
    • Shot Chart – for a specific Player
    • Shot Chart – Team
    • Box Score (NCAA-style)
    • Top Season Performances (Most goals, assists, ground balls, etc.)
    • Top Game Performances

Other Standard LAXSoft Features:

  • Support boys and girls lacrosse in the same package
  • Track Statistics for only your team or the players for both teams
  • Store and report on statistics for multiple seasons
  • Add opponent players during the game using the “Quick Add”
  • All statistics are time-stamped to coordinate with the game time on the field
  • Support NCAA compatible XML file extract
  • Quickly correct or update statistics during the game
  • Provide complete game, season and career reports
  • includes nearly every high school and college lacrosse team in the United States
  • Supports multiple teams for (e.g., Varsity, JV and Freshman for girls or boys teams)

If you cannot use a computer during the game, you can print blank forms provided by LAXSoft and enter the statistics into the program later. You will be able to provide detailed reports to your coaches, the media, and your fans!

How will LAXSoft help the coaching staff?

LAXSoft can show a coach the contributions of individual players by game, season or for a player’s career. Half-time reports provide the coach with a quick synopsis of play that can reinforce his half-time strategy.

How can LAXSoft help the players?

Many players who don’t score goals contribute to a team’s success by picking up Ground Balls, making Defensive Stops, playing “error free”, and winning face-offs. Obviously a good coach sees the contribution of all his players, but LAXSoft can remind him of each players contribution when motivating and teaching his players. High School Players will be helped in the recruiting process with statistics that highlight there special contribution to the team.