John M. Kenney, Head Coach Scotland Men’s Team & H.S. Coach

“After using several stat programs in the past (including the one used by most NCAA squads), LAXSoft has proven itself to be more user-friendly and complete than its competitors. Its tech support is outstanding. LAXSoft is a welcomed statistical tool to any program.”

* John M. Kenney is the publisher of Lacrosse Coach newsletter. He is a longtime coach and athletic mentor of boys’ lacrosse. Coach Kenney has been a six-time Coach of the Year and a longtime Long Island (Stony Brook) and Michigan (Detroit Country Day) coach. In 2005, he was US Lacrosse National Man of the Year. John is the father of 4 sons who played lacrosse in college (Princeton, Virginia, Syracuse, and Penn State).

Barbara Shear, Rockford Lacrosse

“LAXSoft has been a tremendous asset to our organization. Before we began using this software, the process of recording game statistics took 6 parents – 4 to record, and two additional spotters during games. After the game it took one person an hour or two to compile the hand written data and the score book data into the application we were using. This was not only more time consuming, but error prone; it was a very cumbersome process. With LAXSoft one person can easily enter all game stats real time with as few as one good spotter! First half stats are available to the coach at half time, and we’ve compiled the individual and team stat reports into notebooks for the players at the end of the season which the boys all loved. We’re excited to see what’s in the new version!”

Halsey G. Knapp, Jr., Westminster School Atlanta

Last season, Westminster’s Boys Lacrosse team and Girls Lacrosse team won the Georgia High School Association AAAA-A Championships on the same day – May 15, 2010 – on the same field – Westminster’s Fritz Orr Field – relying on the same lacrosse statistics package: LAXSoft. That LAXSoft was a common foundation for this success is no coincidence. We have been enthusiastic users of this evolving software for four years. Besides capturing the obvious stats (goals, assists, face-offs, and the like), LAXSoft allows you to look deeper into the fundamentals such as turnovers, takeaways, defensive stops, and failed and successful clears, highlighting meaningful contributions from your players that have nothing to do with the dramatic display of a goal. It captures stats real time for use at half time. A great level of detail can be incorporated into a comprehensive written or digital report. It is a valuable scouting tool for use with opponents who your team has previously faced. Quite simply, we love it!