Getting Started

Lacrosse has been called the fastest game on two feet which makes it a challenge to accurately capture lacrosse statistics during the game. The prerequisites to using LAXSoft are the ability to use a Windows-based computer and being quick with a mouse and keyboard. If you are a competent “gamer” with any type of computer, then you will be able to keep up with a live lacrosse game. To become proficient in capturing lacrosse statistics follow these guidelines:

Demo Games

  • There are two demo games “in progress” – one for boy’s lacrosse and one for girl’s lacrosse – Click on the GameTime form and practice with each of Action Buttons. Simulate a game by starting and stopping the clock. Choose the players for the face-off or Draw Control. Give a player a penalty – have the team that is “Man Up” score a goal. View the count-down clock for penalties. Try everything, you can’t break the system.

User’s Guide

  • Read the User’s Guide found (after installation) at cvC:\LAXSoft\Documents\LAXSoft-UserGuide.pdf. Chapter 3 “How to Capture Lacrosse Statistics” and Chapter 4 “Using LAXSoft in Demo Mode” are designed to get you started. Later, read Chapter 8 “Game Time Form – Description”, Chapter 9 “GameTime Checklists“, and Chapter 10 – “GameTime Form – Functionality”.
  • Download and read the excellent guides from the NCAA for lacrosse: 2010 Men’s Lacrosse Statisticians’ Manual or the 2009 Women’s Lacrosse Statisticians’ Manual

Develop one or more Expert Spotters

  • The game of lacrosse is too fast to record statistics on paper or on a computer without assistance. It is essential to work with one or more spotters that knows lacrosse and the guidelines for lacrosse statistics.


  • It is critical to use LAXSoft during a live game. All teams have pre-season games — use these to practice under live game situations. There is nothing like the pressure of a fast moving game to improve your skill. Use LAXSoft for as many games as possible before the official season starts.

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