I don’t see a listing for Missed Shots (MS) on any of the reports. Are they included in the “Total Shots:?

Yes. Total Shots is the sum of the Goals Scored, Shots on Goal and Missed Shots. Missed shots are those shots that do not result in a goal or a save by the opposing goalie. In the chart below, the player has 3 goals, 2 shots on goal and 7 total shots. You can deduce that this player missed 2 shots (which were included in his”Total Shots”). The Shot On Goal % would by 5 divided 7 (71%) because of the player’s 7 shots, 3 were goals and 2 were saved by the goalie resulting in 5 on goals. The Score% would be 3 divided by 7 or 43%.

Shots on Goal Percentage