Lacrosse can be a fast moving sport and I can’t easily track both teams statistics. Do I have to keep all of the opponent’s “Ground Balls”, “Takeaways” etc.?

No, your primary focus is on your team. Except for Face Offs, Goals, Shots on Goal, the Opponent statistics are optional. On the “GameTime” form the “red” smaller sized action buttons can be considered optional. Many people begin using LAXSoft for only the key stats for their team. Once they have mastered the tool, they expand the number of statistics collected. In the “Action Buttons” figure below, the buttons on the left side are for “your” team and the smaller buttons on the right are for the opponents. However, there are 4 buttons on the opponent side that are colored in black (FW, SO, G- and PN). The first three are actions that apply to both teams. A “Goal Scored” (G-) by your opponent is a Goal Against for your goalie. A “Shot on Goal” (SO) by your opponent is a “Save” for your goalie and a “Face-Off Won” (FW) by your opponent is a “Face off Lost” by your player. The fourth button “PN” is a penalty for your opponent which is an action that will help you in determining when a score is an Extra Man or Short Handed goal.